Below we dive deeper into who Hark is serving, what their needs are, and which organizations are providing necessary services throughout NWA.  

Data for March 1, 2020 - present day


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Client Demographics

A look at who Hark is serving.

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Top Client Needs Identified

What do clients need when they come to Hark?

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Top Service Connections

What services does Hark connect clients to the most?

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Top Referrals

Where does Hark send clients the most?

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It Doesn't Stop at Referral

What makes Hark unique?

Hark's uniqueness lies in a multitude of factors. Not only does Hark staff follow up with clients, but they also have multiple touchpoints and take the time to ensure clients get connected to resources. Hark tracks connection data that leads to plans being built while also tracking the connection rate and duration of the plan.

This chart shows the Hark connection rate before the COVID-19 time period (navy) and after it had begun (green). While the connection rate has declined, the drop is due to the fourfold increase in the overall number of clients and the staggering number of community resources that have cut back or shuttered during the pandemic.

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These charts show the reasons individuals are not able to be connected to needed resources before the COVID-19 time period (navy) and since it began (green). Pre-COVID-19 there was an abundance of resources that individuals had access to. While the non-profit community is working as diligently and innovatively as they can, due to COVID-19 it has become increasingly more difficult to find resources that are still active and available in Northwest Arkansas.

Please note the jump in "Resource Currently Unavailable" from pre-COVID-19 to the present day.

Catalyst Fund Committed By Week

The Catalyst Fund is a community fund created by area philanthropic foundations. Data shows that a majority of the population in Northwest Arkansas is one financial burden away from crisis. The Catalyst Fund can provide short-term financial support to individuals.

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Catalyst Fund Recipients By Household

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If you need help getting connected to resources, click Get Connected. If you are interested in partnering to provide large scale systemic solutions throughout Northwest Arkansas, click on either Endeavor Foundation or Contribute and learn more.