EAP+ is here for you!

As an employee of Bentonville Schools, EAP+ is a resource to you and the members of your immediate family. Through this service, you have direct access to a team of dedicated Community Liaisons that know the landscape of qualified community resources for our area.

A Liaison will work with you to create a tailor-made Resource Plan full of services relevant and affordable to you. This service is free and simple to use. Check out our FAQs below to learn more.

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What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefits program through your place of work. Its purpose is to help with personal and/or professional problems that may arise for you or a family member. Or as we like to call it, when life happens.

What is EAP+?

EAP+ is an addition to your Organization’s existing EAP. Many EAPs are traditionally only known for mental health services. EAP+ helps identify the needs in your life and connects you to solutions, “resources.” Think mental health, financial assistance, health and wellness, transportation, and more. EAP+ leverages Hark's resource map, which has thousands of vetted resources in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). This includes Organizations that provide free and/or reduced services. This list grows daily based on your requests. 

How do I access EAP+?

Visit your employee benefits portal or school website and find the link or button labeled Hark EAP+. Select the link or button to begin the free assessment process. A dedicated Community Liaison from Hark will be in touch within 24 hours.

Does it cost anything?

Besides a bit of your time, nothing!

Is EAP+ confidential?

Absolutely! Your privacy is deeply important. Extreme measures are taken to ensure interactions and personal information stays private, confidential, and is never shared back to your Organization unless requested by you.

Any collected information is stored in Hark’s HIPAA compliant platform.

Can I use this for my family?

Yes, EAP+ may be used for any member of your household as long as they live or receive resources in NWA.

How do I qualify?

All you have to do is take the first step! Locate the Hark EAP+ link or button on your Organization's website to get in touch with your dedicated Hark Community Liaison. It will be determined which community resources you qualify for during the assessment and resource identification step

Why can’t I just find resources myself?

In the age of Google, you are often your best researcher for quick knowledge. However, when life happens, or you aren’t sure where to turn, EAP+ is here to serve as a “master navigator” of health and human services in NWA.